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Raspberry Almond Tuile Tortes

Ingredients & Directions

1/3 c Well-chilled heavy cream
1/2 ts Eau-de-vie de framboise or
1/2 ts Sugar
6 Flat Almond Tuiles; see *
1/2 pt Raspberries

* Note: See the « Flat Almond Tuiles » recipe which is included in this

In a chilled bowl beat the cream with the eau-de-vie de framboise and the
sugar until it holds stiff peaks and transfer the mixture to a pastry bag
fitted with a small fluted tip. Put 1 Flat Almond Tuile on each of 2
dessert plates and cover it with some of the raspberries interspersed with
rosettes of the whipped cream. Top the filling with another tuile and cover
the tuile with another layer of raspberries and whipped cream rosettes.
Cover the filling with the remaining tuiles and top each dessert with 3
raspberries surrounding a rosette of whipped cream. This recipe yields 2

2 servings

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